How to Apply

The following steps describe the process for applying to Oak Hill School.

  1. Send us an inquiry.
  2. Schedule a school visit.
    Make a reservation to attend a school tour by contacting the Director of Admissions.
  3. Complete and submit your Oak Hill School Application after your school visit.
    Application materials can be downloaded here, are distributed at school tours or can be mailed to you upon request.
  4. Your completed application must be returned with the following:
    • A photograph of your child
    • Current IEP or Educational Summary
    • Current assessments or reports including:
      – Neuropsychology
      – Occupational Therapy
      – Speech Therapy
      – Educational Therapy
      – Behavior
      – Any other relevant assessments or reports not otherwise listed
      – A non-refundable application fee of $100
  5. Schedule a visit day/observation day for your child.
  6. Admissions Decision
    A final admissions decision will be made by the Executive Director and Director of Admissions. A letter communicating that decision will be mailed to the students parents at the address on record.
  7. Parent Decision and Deposit
    Parents of admitted Private Pay students have within 30 days from the date of the acceptance letter to guarantee a place for their child at Oak Hill School by submitting a non-refundable tuition deposit. The non-refundable tuition deposit is equal to 10% of the total tuition due for the regular school year. The tuition deposit is applied as a credit toward the total tuition due. The regular school year is 10 months