Oak Hill’s secondary school serves students ages 12 to 22 in one of five classroom groups. Each class is led by one or more credentialed special educators, and supported by highly qualified teaching assistants as needed.

Oak Hill’s middle and high school programming is wide-range:

LIFE SKILLS AND FUNCTIONAL ACADEMICS: For some students, it is appropriate to focus on activities of daily living – cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and more – and on the literacy and mathematics skills they will need most in adult life. This programming is based on California functional performance indicators.

SPECIALIZED ACADEMIC INSTRUCTION: Some students are able to access California standards-based content, though they require specialized teaching techniques. Speech-language and occupational therapists play an important role in helping students access this content.

DIPLOMA-TRACK AND COLLEGE PREPARATORY PROGRAMMING: There are some high school students who are able to access the full California high school academic program, but for whom regular high schools – even small ones – are daunting social and sensory environments. Oak Hill Prep delivers a full program of high school coursework for which students may earn diploma credit.

Other features which distinguish Oak Hill’s secondary programming include:

THERAPEUTIC INFUSION: Speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy are integrated with the classroom program. Social learning goals are a priority across the school.

COMMUNITY-BASED INSTRUCTION: Students experience challenging and meaningful trips and internships in the larger community.

SENSORY INTERVENTIONS: Sensory interventions are available throughout the day for all students in the school.