Speech and Language

Speech and Language at Oak Hill are delivered via a multidisciplinary, collaborative and child centered model. Our goal is to maximize the communicative competence of our students within their educational and social environments. Services are provided in focal therapy sessions as well as within the classroom/community environment, to maximize concept development and generalization of skill sets. Speech and language services focus on building and supporting skill sets in the following areas:

  • Speech production (articulation, apraxia, phonological disorders)
  • Expressive Language (verbal and written)
  • Receptive Language (listening/understanding, reading comprehension)
  • Cognitive-linguistic (problem solving/reasoning, memory, executive function skills, organization, planning, sequencing, execution of task)
  • Social thinking skills (perspective taking, reciprocal communication, and nonverbal language)
  • Support with skills related to transitional plans: employment, telephoning, interviewing skills, etc.
  • Augmentative/assisted communication: using alternative systems and materials to support/develop language and integrate these into classroom activities/interactions