Staff Appreciation Week

We celebrated Staff Appreciation Week May 15-19! Our incredible Oak Hill School staff of teachers, therapists, teaching assistants and administrators are a group of very special people. Working with students on the autism spectrum is rewarding, but can be extremely challenging - emotionally and physically draining.  Oak Hill School staff are a group of dedicated, intuitive and skilled individuals that work their magic with patience, compassion and humor.

We celebrated the Oak Hill Team all week long with breakfast and lunches.  If you didn’t already know, the way to our staff’s hearts is through there stomachs. :-) They LOVED getting these special breakfasts and lunches all week! The week ended with “Dress like a Super Hero” day!! (See photos below)

Special thanks goes to Crisanta de Guzman! She rallied a group of Oak Hill School Families to bring in a fabulous parent potluck lunch on Thursday. Amir and Sheri Najafi, many thanks, for providing breakfast!  There was plenty of food for all and we even had some leftovers!

Thank you parents, we feel very appreciated

As we near the end of the school year, I am extremely grateful, not only for our staff, who amaze me with the time and grace that they put in to each and every student, but also to our Oak Hill School community. Without you, we would not be able to change the lives of so many students and families. It takes a village and we are blessed to have a wonderful one.

Happy Summer!