Our Model


        A therapeutic school community providing a creative, collaborative and integrative approach to learning

Students are supported by: 

Fully Credentialed Classroom Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Speech Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Music Therapist

Classes are ungraded so children can learn and advance at their own pace. Oak Hill School's low student-teacher ratio allows for continual evaluation and flexible programming to address individual needs in each area.



Fostering Relationships
Emotional Regulation
Crisis Intervention
Self Awareness




Fine and Gross Motor
Activities of Daily Life


Adapted Curriculum
Meaningful Learning Experiences
Individualized Approaches
Application of Research

Oak Hill is a place that nurtures your child’s full potential with dignity and love. With the staff’s support, my son was able to develop his own voice and opinions while guiding him through those tricky teen years. Oak Hill has transformed our son into a mature articulate young man who sees a bright future! Thank you!
— Elizabeth Iwaszewicz

We first carefully evaluate each child's potential and determine the specific nature of his or her abilities and limitations. We then develop a program  coordinated and aligned with each student's individual educational program (IEP). No single method or technique is followed exclusively at Oak Hill. Rather, each student’s program draws from a diversity of approaches that meet their individual needs.



The Oak Hill Elementary Program

Oak Hill’s elementary school serves students ages 6 to 13 in multi-age, multi-grade classroom groups. One or more credentialed special educators leads each classroom, supported by highly qualified teaching assistants. We use a suite of approaches within the relationship-based model, including structured visual-organizational work systems, augmentative and alternative communication, Floortime/DIR, activities promoting healthy emotional regulation and social cognition, and behavioral activities which use reward systems as organizing tools. 




Oak Hill’s secondary school serves students ages 12 to 22 in one of five classroom groups. One or more credentialed special educators leads each class, supported by highly qualified teaching assistants. Speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy are integrated with the classroom program. Social learning goals are a priority across the school. Students experience challenging and meaningful trips and internships in the larger community, such as working part-time in local retail businesses. Sensory interventions are available throughout the day for all students in the school.



The Oak Hill Transition Program

Planning for transition underlies all our work at Oak Hill: preparing students for the next stage in their academic journey, developing vocational skills for entering the workforce, and cultivating daily living skills to maximize independence. 

Each Oak Hill student is on a different path, and our program is responsive to the unique needs of each student and his or her family. As part of the IEP process, we develop an Individualized Transition Plan for each student aged 15 and over. We work closely with families to access resources and make plans for the practicalities of aging out of the school system.



Support Services

Oak Hill School works with families and their home school districts to provide a program that best meets the student's individual needs while working toward placement in the least restrictive environment. The Program provides appropriate services defined in the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) which may include Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & language Support, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy and Technology Training.