Partners in Innovation

What distinguishes Oak Hill is how our students are actively engaged (and directly benefit from) the newest and most promising developments in autism research. We are tremendously fortunate to have a research partnership with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) that provides campus support to students, faculty and families from professors and medial clinicians as part of the UCSF clinical training program.

Thanks to this unique relationship – and unlike any other school in the country – Oak Hill proudly offers a “medical home” model of care for our students. This team-based approach is led by a health care provider to provide comprehensive medical care with the goal of maximizing and integrating health outcomes.  There are dramatic benefits when teachers and therapists meet weekly with their UCSF medical counterparts to pool resources and expertise.

Treatment Outcome System

Oak Hill School has partnered with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to develop innovative school-based research programs including  a voluntary school-based treatment outcome system. We have over two years of data and experience in our Treatment Outcome Study.

Sulforaphane Trial

We conducted a voluntary study of Sulforaphane, a supplement derived from broccoli sprouts that is thought to ease the core symptoms of autism in some people, along with measures of urinary metabolites to identify change.