Oak Hill School reviews candidates for admission year round. Our admissions process includes conversations, information sharing, student observation and data collection conducted by a team of Oak Hill School faculty in coordination with the student’s parents and school district. Our goal is to determine if each child’s strengths and challenges can be served appropriately by placement at Oak Hill School. 

Oak Hill is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and is certified as a Non-Public School (NPS) for the purposes of accepting funding through the student’s home school district. Oak Hill School also accepts private-pay families.


The admission process:

1. Schedule a tour of our campus

While visiting you will get to see our facilities and receive an orientation regarding the philosophy, curriculum and multidisciplinary therapeutic teams represented throughout the program. 

2. Submit an application.

If it is determined to be a potential fit from the perspective of  both school and parent, an application will be given to the parent on the day of the tour. 

3. Schedule a visit FOR YOUR STUDENT

Staff will conduct an informal observation of the student candidate. This provides an opportunity for the student to experience the school environment. For young children, this includes time on the playground and/or in the relevant classroom. For older applicants, the visit includes classroom time and a school tour incorporating something of special interest to the student.

Tuition funding and therapeutic services are independent of acceptance at Oak Hill School. Advocacy for public funding remains the responsibility of the family, and Oak Hill maintains an open and accessible relationship with many school districts in the Bay Area. The majority of students are funded through their school districts, with support of NPS funding through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) either already in place, or in process. Families may also pay tuition privately.

For questions and inquiries regarding admissions at Oak Hill School please contact us at: (415) 457-7601 ext.105 or via email at